Wednesday, January 18, 2006

order of operations are going to be shifting a tad

greetings citizens. in the next few weeks VinD will be put on a temporary haitus while we move on to bigger and more fascinating projects. for those of you interested feel free to go to where there will be a fascinating and enjoyable weekly video podcast for your downloading pleasures. it should be full of great and enjoyable projects that i think you should all like and if you don't have a video ipod then thats pretty aweful and you should feel bad about your self.

so. thats the word.

its going to be a lotmore interesting,

-fire man 7

Friday, December 16, 2005


click here!

here is a hint....

WE are here to make money and we are here to seel as much radio as possible.

i had make up slathered all over me for close to an hour before they told me i was ready for the position i had signed up for... probably weeks ago. i dont even remeber how long ago it was. the camera man promised me i might get laid for it. i dont have experience in that area. ill be honest. i signed up for it. cuz.. i dont know. it was something that was there and i was intrigued. but considering where i was at the time... i felt i was a little bound for options. i was at the end of choices and was dangling over the edge of uncertainty and ..well certain failure. i
was handed a manilla envelope. inside where pictures of me sneering and being upset.

i didnt know what to say. i suppose that is what happens to me. i thought i had been a good friend up until this point. but as i entered the office building i got way to anxious. i suppose vp yoghurt owuldnt be aware of all that had been going on with me but this was no longer a time to be worrying about that.

2 minutes until launch. i ate my last sandwich and got ready.

this will be week 7. got it?

Tran Phenom.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Orgasm Community is coming

I was growing tired of much of the social situations i was being forced into lately. Things are either expensive or boring or both or no one comes or the wrong people come or whatever. And i was ready to give up and move back in with Pop on the farm in the Wisco. But then a few things got together and made me change my mind.

So we got together and rallied under the banner of the Orgasm Community. It is something that unifies us all. We are all members. We are all different in so many aspects. But there is something that unifies us. even if it is not an active pursuit of an orgasm, it is our interest that brings us together.

Zon has been killed on the subway.


The Viceroy
Member at Large
Orgasm Community N.E Chapter #657

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Phenom is sick

it snowed most of the day but I had to stay in bed as much as i could. it turned dark before i came outside. but i hadnt brushed my teeth or showered or eaten anything in the last few days. i slept at the snow owls den the other night which is possibly why i threw everything out of phase.

My shampoo and soap went out of phase the other day. normally i can maintain a consistant buying cycle and luckily they have been depleting themselves within a few days of each other. but i had purchased a somewhat large model of shampoo (both of which are liquid mind you) and as a result the soap expired considerably quicker. Now it involves two distinct trips for the same effect.

i am going to sams lecture tonite. and then i am meeting with zac to cut him up.

Tran Phenom

Friday, December 02, 2005

don't chirp me

listen. a few things to take heed of.

Every day i find new and fascinating objects in brendas basket. i don't get it. there are garbage cans everywhere. but the other day it was an empty plastic water bottle. today it was a crumpled newspaper. and tomorrow? will it be entirely newspapers and bottles?

I saw lady sovereign the other day. what a fun time she allowed us to have. i recomend her to all. she's great.

Its deep.

Concrete Potion

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

shock and amaze and make you feel shame

tonight is shindig. also Lady Sovereign isplaying tonight at the knitting factory. for those of you not in the know.

Sigmund Droid is probably the best thing happening in New York right now. if you havent seen them perform you should do that right away and you should additionally give them as much money as you can. they have a paypal account set up. they played pianos lastnight and all the other bands just stood around embarrassed after watching them. the crowd refused to leave. everyone hugged afterwards and giggled.

if i have to predict one thing in my life with an absolute certainty, it is the guarentee of the absolute world domination by sigmund droid. holy crap.

Tran Phenom

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


today is DVD day. if you did not get a dvd from me then i do not like you. so deal with that.

tomorrow is shindig. for all the fun and unified love that will happen. tomorrow is shindig once again. so make sure you come and check it out.

but dvd day is today. i handed out tons of material laden data discs.

The DVD in its current incarnation is a 78' and nothing more. they are fun and sort of far out, but for al lintents and purposes it is an archaic dinosaur of a medium which will soon be left in the garbage with all other dinosaurs. consider it. its here so use it. today was dvd day. shindig is tomorrow.

The steamed clam and snow owl will be packing up in a few weeks and gonig to the Bahamas. so for all you haters who want to start - i recommend getting your passports renewed and then discussing it with my secretary.

Thunder Beach McGillicudy
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